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Change of Name of Ownership / Adding a Legal Heir / Adding a Co-Owner

The process of Changing Name of Ownership/Adding a legal heir/Adding a Co-Owner is actually a simple one, provided the applicant has all the necessary documentation in place.

We at Dev Legal Advisory can guide you through the processes & intricacies involved the same. We take care of all your legal formalities to transfer the land on legal heir’s name by receiving all the details of your family and a affidavit from your side.


Most buyers give attention to only getting the registered sale deed as a proof of rightful ownership of the property and updating the name in the official records like property tax documents is often overlooked by many new property buyers. But every property buyer should be aware of the fact that updating the official municipal corporation record is equally important and must never be overlooked. This is equally important for both the seller and buyer of any existing property.

Unless the new buyer of the property initiates a change in name in the official property tax records, all old receipts would be generated in the name of the old buyer. Legally the old buyer would be liable to pay such dues since they did not notify the corporation for the sale transaction. The buyer also needs to make sure all receipts including electricity bills, water bills and property tax bills are initiated in his or her name rather than any old owner.

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