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Disputes among the family members are common in India, considering the fact that the joint family system still exists. It is as much a feature of high silhouette families that run large companies as the ordinary ones. Commonly in India, the disputes crop-up when there is no lucid demarcation as to the ownership of the property.

It may be understood in proper sagacity in the case of a family settlement, as constituting a group of persons who are recognized in law as having a right of succession or having a claim to a share in the property in dispute. But every party taking benefit under a family settlement need not necessarily be shown to have under the law, a claim to share in the property. All that is necessary is that the parties should be related to one another in some way and have a possible claim or a semblance of a claim on some ground, as, say, affection. The court held that the consideration for the family settlement being compromise between parties even to a previous suit would be a family settlement.

We at Dev Legal Advisory ensure establishing or ensuring amity and goodwill amongst the relations and after that consideration has been passed by each of the disputants, the settlement consisting of recognition of the right asserted by each other cannot be impeached.

We help your arrive at settlements.

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