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  1. How we will get farmer status in agriculture land in Gujarat.
    Who himself or his HUF family’s name in the govt. record as an agriculture land owner is called a farmer.
  2. When will we add name as a copartner in an agriculture land.
    If the said agriculture land is a family property or a HUF property then any time you can add name as a copartners.
  3. If a person buy a land or any kind of property from his own earned money his family can also have the rights in said property.
    No, if a person buy a property from his own earned money no one have rights in said property.
  4. Normally how many types of court are there in India for a civil or relevant law matters.
    It depends on which type of case is it but normally
    For civil suit - Rural Court, District Court, High Court & Supreme Court
    For Revenue Law Matters - Mamladar, Prant, Collector, GRT, SSRD, High Court & Supreme Court